Stories in Gaming Episodes 1 and 2

Check out our new series, where we tell stories that happened during our gaming experiences. We kick things off with DayZ. Things can get pretty crazy during the Zombie Apocalypse!   Also, be sure to ...

DNAVG Pre-E3 Podcast

DNAVG Pre-E3 Podcast Just in time for E3, the DNAVG podcast! DNAVG.com is a sister site of HDWarriors.com E3 2014 podcast! Visit DNAVG.com (http://www.dnavg.com) and start promoting your favorite videos today! Follow us on YouTube ...
An HDWarriors Special Feature!

E3 Nintendo News Round Up

Today was a big day at Nintendo. Everything from the beautiful new, 1080p Zelda game for Wii U, to a new Star Fox for Wii U game, a new shooter game called Splatoon, and many ...
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