Wii U Has a Lot of Power to Unleash, Power for Years to Come




In continuing with our interview with Shin’en, when I asked Mr. Linzner about just how much beyond Nano Assault Neo Wii U can go, and referred to Shin’en as the ‘unofficial experts so far on Wii U hardware’, not only was the answer insightful, but the man and the company proved to be extremely humble; giving much credit to the hardware itself.

‘We only know that you need to treat the Wii U differently than other consoles, because of a very different and in our view more accessible architecture. There is a lot of power to unleash in the Wii U. Enough power for many years to come, at least from our point of view.

‘We know many people see us as Wii U experts. That is because we got a lot of technical praise for Nano Assault Neo but it’s not well deserved. Only very tiny bits of Nano Assault Neo took advantage of the Wii U architecture. We had the game from start in 720p at 60fps. We drew the complete game world twice for TV and GamePad. We had tons of overlays, special effects and even camera streaming and still had no GPU or CPU problems. So we simply had no reason to dig deep into the architecture. We didn’t expect to be seen as the spearhead of Wii U graphics as it is undeserved, when looking at what the Wii U can truly achieve.

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