Size of Games and Graphics Quality Not in a Linear Relationship



Usually when you see a game that looks as good looking as Shin’en Multimedia’s Nano Assault Neo, one of the first things you may think to yourself is, ‘Well, it’s because it’s such a small game. They probably couldn’t do that much if the game were larger.’ Apparently though, this is not the case. Our interview with Manfred Linzner of Shin’en continues.

Iran White: Nano Assault Neo is a small game. (Downloadable file size I believe is 100MB?) With a larger game on Wii U in the future, will it be tougher or perhaps too hard to achieve similar or better visuals?

Shin’en: ‘Most people think that data size and the look and feel of a game are in a linear relationship. Beauty is not a function of data size. You can create beautiful worlds in 4kb that are hard to match by multimillion dollar games that are delivered on a 50gb optical medium.

We tend to keep our data size small because it simply allows to have much quicker iteration time in our games development. Smaller downloads are also a big benefit for our customers. We don’t really think about how to make our games as small as possible, it’s more a natural byproduct of how we approach games development.’

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