Shin’en on the Practical Use of Adaptive Tessellation, Upcoming Games



It has been rumored that Shin’en may be working on a sequel to FAST Racing League, and they have stated in the past that they will be using tessellation in their next game. When asked about this, and how resource heavy the feature might be, Manfred Linzner gave us a realistic outlook for use of the feature for games in general. He also informed us that Shin’en in fact, has two Wii U games in development. But in any case, if you haven’t yet bought Nano Assault Neo on the Nintendo Wii U eShop, you are missing out! Check it out today!


‘We learned a lot with Nano Assault Neo. For one of our upcoming games we will use all that and will unlock more of the ‘Wii U’s power.’

‘Tessellation itself is not resource heavy on recent GPUs but it depends on actual usage. Although even previous consoles had these features you saw it only very rarely used. People often think of it as an easy way to get free ‘level of detail’. That doesn’t work. It’s because of certain visual problems associated with adaptive tessellation.
We already tried various tessellation ideas and it is a very handy tool for certain situations.’

‘We think FAST would certainly deserve a sequel because it had a very fresh take on an age old genre. However, we can at least confirm that we currently work on two Wii U games that will be announced after this summer.’

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