Next Gaming Revolution is in HOW We Make Games


ShinenManfred Linzner and Shin’en appear to understand well where Nintendo is coming from with the Wii U. When I asked him to speak on the concept of ‘Diminishing Returns’, he had this to say:

‘I think the next revolution is in HOW we make games because as an industry we still solve problems since 20 years in the same way, by throwing more and more manpower at games. This makes games more and more expensive and doesn’t allow experiments or even mistakes.

Martin Sauter our Art Director started drawing graphics pixel by pixel on the Amiga. Then he moved on and created stunning 3D models for our Nintendo DS games. On that machine you were able to draw only 2000 polygons on the screen and your textures were usually 32×32 or 64×64 pixels large. Textures were not even interpolated at all. However, our games usually ran at 60fps and looked pretty crisp, when played on a small screen like the DS

Today on Wii U we have 1000x the power of an DS but I don’t feel like our graphics look 1000x times better. They certainly improved but as more power we received as less visual benefit we got back. This doesn’t mean we should stop using better hardware but it’s only natural that the improvements in the visuals get less noticeable. A good example are special FX in movies. Look at a Blockbuster Movie that is ten years old. For me the special FX already looked perfect at this time although they certainly improved their tech since then a lot.’


Check out that link. Seriously. Yes, they really accomplished THAT on the Nintendo DS. Incredible. There are many ways to ‘push the envelope’, but if only more Gamers and Developers thought like this!

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