Fanboy extremists: What in the world is wrong with these people?

There is no accounting for taste. There are billions of individuals, and thus billions of various likes and preferences. This is true even in the world of gaming (on a much smaller scale of course). If we were to pick apart all of the various types of gamer in order to categorize, we’d end up with a decent sized list. But lately there are a few types of gamers who stand out. The Hardcore, the Casual, the Take it or leave it, and the Can’t live without it gamers. All of which have markets tailored toward their needs. HD consoles and PSP, the Wii and DS, Mobile phone, and All of the above, respectively.

The true Gamer, takes joy in any type of well made game that is pure fun at base. The somewhat extreme tend to stay loyal to only a single brand, whether it be due to limited funds, or arrogance. However, the major extremists, whom we’ll refer to as Bigoted Rancorous Asshole Teenagers or “Brats” are so enthralled by their own little world of preferences that they feel the need to put down or attempt to destroy anything that isn’t directly aligned with their thinking.

Now if you read video game websites such as this one, then surely there is a bit of Fanboy in you, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But when it comes to Brats, you know who I’m talking about: The guy who plays/has played only World of Warcraft, but swears that all other games are garbage before it. The sad little chump who talks crap on internet message boards about consoles other than his favorite, or even goes so far as to “Join an alliance” with other sad little chumps on these message boards to form a “Majority of outspoken Jerks rule” clique. The seemingly demon possessed child on Xbox Live who gets off on screaming slurs and obscenities from the safety of his living room. The sheep who hate absolutely everything about the competitors of their favorite, until their favorite decides to utilize the same idea, then all of a sudden it’s “An awesome idea”, or “Finally done right”.

Of course, not all of these people are teenagers. Unfortunately there are adults mixed in amongst the Brat group. As nutty, annoying, and unacceptable the above behavior is for kids, it’s borderline deranged and psychotic for an adult. So what in the world is wrong with these people? How did we get to this point? What is the bottom line when it comes to the attitudes and behavior of Fanboy Extremists?

Fear. Insecurity. Arrogance. Anger. These are the fuels that burn the foul smelling fires within the hearts of the gaming world’s Brats. They fear that their chosen form of entertainment is too nerdy, or unaccepted in the eyes of the world. Instead of standing strong in the just and completely acceptable form of entertainment choice, they form cliques of their own to which they can belong, and separate themselves from the cultural norm. They are insecure about their choice within the choice due to the competitive nature between the companies involved, and so these Brats have created perhaps the most ridiculously meaningless, wannabe proxy war in pop-culture today.

They are arrogant in that they cannot even begin to see, accept, or confront their faults due to their burning need to always be right; to at the least cling to the one thing that has always been respected about Nerds. Intelligence. Yet, in acting so, they have indeed abandoned intelligence. Debasing themselves, and muddying the name of True Gamers and Nerds alike.

And finally, these are angry people. Whether they have been bullied, suppressed, ignored, picked on or whatever, these people have underlying issues that feed into this behavior. If you’ve ever wondered how these foul mouthed kids get away with what they do the answer is simple: Their parents don’t pay enough attention to them. And therein lies the heart of the matter. This is the reason that True Gamers have to deal with this abuse. This is the reason why Governments want to regulate and control what games can and can’t be made. This is the reason why the media attempts to attach gaming as the phantom motive behind an ever growing list of violent crimes. Parents let games and television raise their kids, which causes many of them to become Brats, which causes many of them to become borderline psychotic adults. Don’t let these nuts be the face of Gamers to the world. They don’t represent you. They don’t represent me. They’re Brats. Plain and simple.

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