E3 Wii U Announcements That Can Set the Console’s Sales on Fire


WiiUBothColorsSome say that the Wii U is dead in the water. Some say it’s struggling. Some say that it is doing just fine. One thing that we can all agree on however, is that Nintendo and its shareholders would like for the new console’s sales to be higher and more consistent. Here are announcements that would go a long way to making that happen.

5. Announce a range extender adapter for the game pad, with the functionality built in to all new game pads moving forward. Of course everyone would love to play their Wii U games next door or on a trip, but that won’t happen. Being able to play with no problems in any room in your house, within reason in your front and back yards? Definitely doable.

4. Announce a Wii U ambassador program a’la the 3DS in conjunction with a $50 price cut. $250 (original Wii price point that held for 3 years +) for the Basic version, and $300 for the Deluxe would hit the sweet spot for MANY more gamers than it currently does. While those of us who were 3DS ambassadors knew what we were getting into when we bought the Wii U, and will appreciate the exclusive ‘free’ downloads. Assuming of course, that Nintendo takes care when selecting the games.

3. Announce a small variety of new and unique bundles. Nintendo, with the Zombi U bundle is showing themselves to be more open again to the idea of bundling their console with 3rd party games. With a price drop, and a few well calculated bundles, gamers will have options. As we know, options within reason, are key.

2. Let gamers know that the new Zelda HD and Smash Bros may take more time, but have more resources being poured into them in order to put them on the fast track. If gamers are expecting 2015, but find out that they will get these two games in early 2014 for Smash Bros, and late 2014 for Zelda, sales will skyrocket if the console is at the more reasonable price point.

1. Announce games that show people that games given serious effort for graphics on Wii U are no slouch. No one in their right mind believes that the Wii U is as capable as the PS4 and Next Box will be. However, Nintendo has told us that the on screen look will be comparable, and gamers are waiting for them to prove it. The typical Nintendo gamer is no ‘graphics whore’, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want a capable console, or that they want to have to buy extra consoles so that they don’t miss out on some key games, as they did with the Wii.


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