Conduit 2 Local Multiplayer to be a Complete Package


When we  asked Josh Olson, Senior Producer of the upcoming Conduit 2 by High Voltage Software (Published by Sega), which online multiplayer modes would be available on the local side he had this to say:

‘Everything you can do online, you can do via splitscreen to include all competitive modes and the cooperative Team Invasion mode.  We’ve spent a lot of time on a sweet splitscreen exclusive as well, namely the ability to lean over and punch your buddy in the arm if he looks at your screen.  It’s something that you just can’t offer online, and one of the things that I really miss in multiplayer gaming.  Online is a great experience to be sure, but there’s something special about having four buddies on the same couch playing in the same room.  I have such fond memories of countless hours spent doing exactly that and I’m glad that we’re supporting it in Conduit 2.’

Ah… screen peeking… We’ve missed local split screen multiplayer so much on Wii First Person Shooters that it really does seem like no big deal. We’re just glad HVS is planning to give Wii gamers yet another thing they’ve been missing out on.

As for the nature of the split screen, Olson had this to say:

‘It supports 4 players.  And 2.  And let’s not forget 3.  For two players, you can set your screen to draw horizontally or vertically.’

It appears that yet again High Voltage Software plans to give Wii gamers as many options as possible.

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  1. mark 25 May, 2010 at 04:45

    Bot support Bot support please let there be Bot support!!! Frankly couldnt give a hoot about online but if HVS give me Splitscreen AND Bots i will be in gaming heaven, they’ll not only get my money but also my undying gratitude. Make it
    so HVS.

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