10 Must Buy Wii U Releases in 2014

Dem water beads! Dat lighting! Dem graphics!

2013, at least for the first 2/3 of it was a rough one for many Wii U owners. For much of the year there just weren’t a whole lot of compelling games released for the console. However, 2014 looks as though it will be the absolute opposite of that. With releases of so many great games, you probably won’t be able to afford them all. Here are 10 Must Buy’s on Wii U in 2014, though there are in fact plenty more.

10. ‘Hyrule Warriors’ –

While not the official name of the recently announced title, this game is indeed of the Dynasty Warriors variety, but with a Legend of Zelda twist. Expect many characters, and lots of hack and slash fun as the next tidbit to tide us over as we wait for The Legend of Zelda U!


9. Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem –

What in the world? Yes please. Tell us more soon please. Keep the 2014 release date please!


8. Pokemon ??? –

Nintendo recently teased this image of a Wii U game currently in development. There is all manner of speculation surrounding it. But what looks to be certain, is that it is for Wii U, and there will be Pokemon battling of some sort!

Could it be? Pokemon models in full HD in battle?

Could it be? Pokemon models in full HD in battle?




7. FAST Racing Neo/Other unannounced title by Shin’en releasing in 2014 –

Our friends at Shin’en have been hard at work developing their new Wii U games, and have given us lots of insight into what the Wii U is capable of. The various techniques that they will be using to leverage the Wii U hardware, as well as the giant textures that they have said that they are using would seem to promise some amazing looking games. Here is the teaser image that they’ve released for FAST Racing Neo, which we can’t wait for. We also highly anticipate their other announcement!

Yes, that is one of the in game models F-Zero fans!

Yes, that is one of the in game models F-Zero fans!











6. Watch Dogs –

Everyone in the gaming world was at least a little bit excited to see how good Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs will be, and the game’s delay was disappointing due to how anticipated it is. However, with months extra to refine and polish this game and the sand box, free roam, hack the city to do your bidding game play, it can only be a positive in the end. Watch Dogs simply went from being one of 2013’s biggest and best games to being one of 2014’s biggest and best games, and we still can’t wait.

Yes. The wait will be worth it!

Yes. The wait will be worth it!












5. Mario Kart 8 –

Mario Kart Wii sold over 30 Million copies. People are chomping at the bit for this game for not only its superb gameplay and the gravity changes and new characters that it adds, but because the game looks fantastic. Beautiful in a way that even sticklers for graphics have to acknowledge.

Mario Kart 8 looks so smooth, Carlos Santana may have to sing about it.

Mario Kart 8 looks so smooth, Carlos Santana may have to write a song about it.




4. Bayonetta 2 –

Bayonetta 2, from the moment it was announced as a Wii U exclusive has been a source of much outrage, naysaying, and skepticism. People to this day, irritate Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya on Twitter port begging. While the narrative amongst the naysaying and skeptical portion of the gaming community has gone from denying that the visuals in the first trailer would be possible on Wii U, to seeing them actually being better than those early clips in the demo build which has been playable at times during the year. With Bayonetta’s giant finishing attack Demon only showing its head, and only during cut scenes on the last gen consoles, people thought that the dark tease at the end of the first trailer was only a fantasy on Wii U. Turns out that we now get to see all of it and battle it in full up/down/side to side, smooth 60 frames per second glory in Bayonetta 2. See the comparisons for yourself.

3. Project Cars –

Perhaps temper your excitement over the graphics a little since this screen shot is from the PC build. But temper that excitement only a tad. The developers have dropped the PS3 and XBox 360 versions that they had initially planned so that they can focus solely on the Current Gen versions, and have found the Wii U to be very capable, and malleable according to their needs. Developer Andy Tudor was quoted as saying: It (PC) will have the best resolution and the best graphics, obviously. What we´re going to make sure is that the Wii U version is not the worst one, it won´t be a crappy version. We want people to get the game and say `Holy s***, that looks amazing!

It does look amazing, and it’s coming to Wii U.

Dem water beads! Dat lighting! Dem graphics!

Dem water beads! Dat lighting! Dem graphics!








2. ‘X’ –

Nintendo has teased us nearly to death about this new and upcoming Monolith Soft game which releases in 2014. The fact that it looked so great graphically, so deep, and nicely detailed at such an early stage in development is so promising. While the fact that in this open world game you not only travel on the ground or in limited, low level ways of flying like in most open world game, but can go up, down, and all around is a HUGE feat. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon and get a definitive release date, as it’s been almost a year since the initial tease, and 6 months since the one at E3!


1. Super Smash Bros Wii U –

Masahiro Sakurai is one of the best in the business. Period. The new Smash Bros game, set for release this year has already shown us to have new characters such as Mega man and Rosalina, but the game looks amazing, and Sakurai gave word himself that it will be in 1080p. This is the Nintendo game that so many gamers buy their Nintendo console for.



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